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Main Armies
Erik Morkai's Great Company: 1373/2688 points (51%)
The Army of Brewheim: 1395/3924 (35%)
Side Armies
The Risen Angels Chapter: 55/1000 points (0.06%)
The Descent of Angels: 200/1316 (15%)
Pwent's Bloodsworn Kinband: ?/750 (?% I need a rulebook . . .)
Back-logged Armies
72nd Strathmoran Shock Brigade: 2384/3550 (67%)
The Undivided Host: 327/2425 (13%)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BA list revised

Clearly I need to take a math course again. I horrifyingly miscalculated the cost of 10 Death Company, which meant I actually was quite a few points short of 1,500.
Anyway, with the numbers fixed I went back and added some much needed wargear to the squads (it seemed more useful than adding, say, a Sanguinary Priest). So here it is, hopefully fixed.

The Descent of Angels
HQ: The Sanguinor, Examplar of the Host: 275
Elites: Sanguinary Guard with death masks, the chapter banner, and one infernus pistol: 265
Elites: Chaplain with melta bombs and a jump pack: 130
Troops: Assault Squad (10) with two meltaguns and a power fist: 135
Troops: Assault Squad (10) with two flamers and a power fist: 125
Troops: Death Company (10) with jump packs and two hand flamers: 370
Total point cost: 1,500

No change in strategy, except now one Assault Squad is essentially a dedicated tank buster unit while the other is an infantry hunter. The Sanguinary Guard is now capable of taking on enemy armor to clear the way to the enemy HQ.

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