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The Descent of Angels: 200/1316 (15%)
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72nd Strathmoran Shock Brigade: 2384/3550 (67%)
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Death Company Guinea Pig

One of these days I'm going to follow my own damn advice to myself and paint to an actual "table" standard by minimizing things like highlighting and extreme details. That way, a model like the one here will only take an hour or two instead of the 7-hour mess it ended up taking.

To be fair, part of the reason this guy took so long was because of the experimentation with the colour (blast it, it's "color" in American English, not "colour") scheme for the Death Company. And experiments with things like the black armor, the loincloth, the red areas, etc. Despite the length of time, it was time well spent as the next four Death Company models going into the GW Sugarland 5-model painting competition (I think I can do another 4 in two weeks) won't take nearly as long, even with little detail I normally skip like eyes and teeth.
Not a bad bit of work, methinks.

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