Painting Progress

Main Armies
Erik Morkai's Great Company: 1373/2688 points (51%)
The Army of Brewheim: 1395/3924 (35%)
Side Armies
The Risen Angels Chapter: 55/1000 points (0.06%)
The Descent of Angels: 200/1316 (15%)
Pwent's Bloodsworn Kinband: ?/750 (?% I need a rulebook . . .)
Back-logged Armies
72nd Strathmoran Shock Brigade: 2384/3550 (67%)
The Undivided Host: 327/2425 (13%)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time for a list

Apparently being the battalion S-3 means I have to actually work now. Someone needs to increase our budget so I can get paid . . .
Anyway, being bored before class tonight has driven me to post my Space Wolves list for all the world to see and despair (or not . . .).

Erik Morkai (Wolf Lord): 2 wolf claws, runic armour, wolftooth necklace, Belt of Russ, jump pack, melta bombs, Saga of the Warrior Born: 260
Arok Thundercaller (Rune Priest): Master of Runes, runic armour, wolf tail talisman, Saga of the Beastslayer: 185

5 Wolf Guard: 4 power weapons, 1 power fist, melta bombs, jump packs: 300
Lone Wolf: thunder hammer, storm shield: 80
Wolf Scouts: meltagun, melta bombs: 110

10 Grey Hunters: 2 meltaguns, power fist, Drop Pod: 215
10 Grey Hunters: 2 meltaguns, power fist, Drop Pod: 215

Heavy Support
Vindicator "Mjollnir": siege shield, storm bolter: 135

Total points: 1500

The Plan: this is what I call a knife-fighter list. Inspired by Morkai's description in the Codex as being particularly aggressive and violent, it is designed to get close and beat the snot out of the enemy. As a result, nothing has a range greater than 24", but just about everything is very powerful. To offset the lack of tankbuster weapons, I loaded up with meltaguns and melta bombs.

What I've Learned: this list's biggest weakness is its lack of Troops choices, making it weak in objective games. Definitely going to need more. Morkai and his Wolf Guard are absolutely monstrous in close combat, but extreme care is needed to get there before too many of them die off and render the squad combat-ineffective (jump, run into terrain, repeat until close). Otherwise everything performs exactly as designed. I tend to break even with this particular list (smaller games tend to go far worse).

Future Plans: I'm definitely going to need more Troops choices, some Blood Claws in a Drop Pod (with Arok attached to them so they don't go running off) and move a Grey Hunters Pack into a Rhino. A pack of Long Fangs would be very helpful to deal with enemy armor, as well as to hold enemies off of objectives. Replacing the Lone Wolf with a Venerable Dreadnought (for bigger games, anyway) would be no bad thing, either. Some Fast Attack choices are certainly called for; I'm leaning towards Land Speeders with multi-meltas.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Decided to give this blogging nonsense a go.
I thought a good way to kick this off would be with some images of my current hobby projects. Right now, I have one 40k army and one Fantasy army I'm working on concurrently, with one of each on the back-burner. Both are 1500 points, and won't be expanded until what I have is done (to avoid the hell of a mess I experienced with my Imperial Guard). The pictures are easier to see if you right-click and open in a new window/tab.
First up are the Space Wolves, depicting Erik Morkai's Great Company:

Erik Morkai, Wolf Lord

Wolf Guard (3/5)

Wolf Scouts

Vindicator, front and rear

Drop Pod, outside and inside

That's pretty much all I've got on the Wolves so far; I'll post more when more are painted.
Next up are a couple models from my Empire army, the Army of Brewheim, commanded by the erstwhile (and often severely intoxicated) Baron Otto von Bierstein:

Aurig Stehlenhand

State Troop (Swordsman) Standard Bearer

That's it for now. More to come whenever my productivity wakes up again.