Painting Progress

Main Armies
Erik Morkai's Great Company: 1373/2688 points (51%)
The Army of Brewheim: 1395/3924 (35%)
Side Armies
The Risen Angels Chapter: 55/1000 points (0.06%)
The Descent of Angels: 200/1316 (15%)
Pwent's Bloodsworn Kinband: ?/750 (?% I need a rulebook . . .)
Back-logged Armies
72nd Strathmoran Shock Brigade: 2384/3550 (67%)
The Undivided Host: 327/2425 (13%)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Such a bland title, but I suppose it's appropriate as I'm afraid I don't have much information to share. School has taken on something of a punishing tempo, and looks like it's going to continue in that vein for some time. Not exactly my preferred way to kill time (for the most part; the actual biological weapons classes are fascinating in a singularly morbid and disturbing way), but oh well.
During what little free time I do have I have been working on my first "master-class" model (at least that's the term I have heard used to describe a maximum effort): Scout Sergeant Telion. This thing is for the Fair Oaks GW Birthday Mini-Daemon, so I'm taking my time with it; the event is in a week and a half but I'm only about 2/3 done with it. I really wanted to do Calgar or Sicarius, but I don't see myself as having the time to do that particular fellow justice. Next time . . .
(No, I don't play Ultramarines, nor do I intend to play Ultramarines.)
Next time I do one of these I'll post WIP pictures; I apologize for not having them this time, but I didn't think about it until about an hour ago.
I realize it's April Fool's Day. Fear not, I have put no strange, tasteless jokes in here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugh . . .

Laxity on the blog updates is due to midterms. (Come to think of it, I can blame grad school for the all of the slowness of my posting.) They'll be done by tomorrow, but alas, I haven't any new pictures to post then. Instead, I give you a brief update on the state of things (just because I haven't in awhile):
I am finally caving in and getting one of those nifty sprayguns. Anyone who has seen any of my armies on the table knows I almost never field fully painted armies because I end up buying and building at a far greater rate than I paint (which I like to think manifests in the quality of my work, but I leave that to you, oh few readers, to judge). This thing ought to massively increase the rate at which I paint, particularly those grueling Space Wolves and the multitude of Empire State Troops (lest we discuss my future Imperial Guard rebuild).
I've finished collecting all 1,000 points of the Keepers. They'll be built for the big painting competition soon (except the vehicles, I'm leaving them partly assembled so I can try my hand at painting the interiors).
I have now played a few games of War of the Ring. I found Gimli to be absolutely disgusting; the diminutive fellow pretty much crushed an entire formation of Mordor orcs on his own (or rather his company did; Epic Rampage FTW!). It's definitely a great game, and abominably fun, but I find I actually like the skirmish game better. To me, it felt like WotR was trying to be a strange mix of LotR and Fantasy, and while that's not necessarily a bad thing . . . I don't know, I think I like both of those games better than WotR. (Just to be clear, WotR was an absolute delight, and I hope more people start playing it, but given a choice between it and any of the other game systems, and I'll probably take one of the other ones.)
Alas, it is back to the grind of studying for me.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keepers update

Google Analytics is awesome. For example, I know that there have been people poking around this blog and reading this drivel from several states in the U.S. (primarily Virginia, of course, but I recall seeing New York and California in there), and even some European countries (the U.K., Germany, and Spain). I honestly hadn't expected anything of the sort before several months had passed. Is not that just cool?
Now, I know I've waxed lyrical about my themed Imperial Guard army, but I find I have very little interest in actually making that army right now. Oh, I intend to in the future, but I just don't feel like it at the moment. What I do feel like doing, however, is concentrating on the Keepers.
Remember that Captain from not-so-long-ago?

Unfortunately, after making this guy I finalized the theme and design of the Keepers slightly differently from how he's painted. Rather than mess with his paint scheme, however, I think I'll leave him as a sort of record of how the Keepers have evolved over the months.
I couldn't come up with a satisfactory theme for the longest time; would the Keepers be a new chapter? Old? Converted to depict a raid on an Eldar craftworld? Fighting Tyranids? Orks? Traitors? How would I base it?
None of those ideas really stood out at me. Instead I went with focusing on the chapter's lore. It took awhile, but I eventually arrived at the idea of using Japanese mythology as my basis. The squads are all named after legendary dragons (e.g. the Yamata no Orochi), and individual named models take names from similar sources (e.g. Captain Susanoo and Honoured Brother Urashima). The chapter itself is from the 21st "Cursed" Founding; their misfortune is represented by constant raids on their recruiting worlds, including the total loss of their homeworld Amaterasu (along with over 70% of their chapter, leaving them in a nearly Crimson Fists-like state). They now operate out of the deep space station/Fortress-Monastery they call the Citadel.
There's word of a painting contest at GW Sugarland starting up in the near future: build, convert, and paint a 1,000 point army of any game system. This provides a fine excuse to finally rebuild my Keepers. I'm still playing around with the list, but here's what I'm thinking of:

Space Marine Captain (Captain Susanoo) w/ a power fist, a combi-melta, and artificer armour: 150

Venerable Dreadnought (Honoured Brother Urashima) w/ a plasma cannon: 175
Terminator Assault Squad (Squad Ryuujin) w/ thunder hammers and storm shields: 200

Tactical Squad (Squad Orochi) w/ ten Marines, a flamer, a missile launcher, a combi-melta, and a Rhino: 215
Combat Squad (Squad Watatsumi) w/ five Marines and a Razorback: 130

Combat Squad (Squad Mizuchi) w/ five Marines and a Razorback: 130

Total point cost: 1,000

It needs work, of that I have no doubt; there's barely anything to take out enemy armor, for example. (Okay, there's a missile launcher and a plasma cannon, which can take down light to medium armor from range, Susanoo and Squad Ryuujin all have tank-buster melee weapons, and a couple of combi-meltas, but there's nothing beyond Strength 8 right now; something to consider for the inevitable army expansions.) Mayhaps the handful of people who read this drivel have some suggestions (I know some of you are experienced Space Marine players) or comments on the theme?

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Blood Angels stuff and the War of the Ring

If you'll permit me a moment of bitching, does anyone but me think it's abominably rude when you make a head call (more commonly referred to as going to the bathroom) in the middle of your turn? Seriously, you couldn't do that as I was doing my movement, you have to wait until your shooting phase? That was the first, and hopefully only, game of 40k during which I struggled to maintain a sense of sportsmanship and decorum with my opponent, as well as the first and hopefully only game I did not have fun.
Moving on from the complaints section, after actually looking through the Blood Angels codex a little more thoroughly, I discovered there's no way to have an all Dreadnought army (except the HQ choices). Alas, but they've got awesome models strewn across their choices anyway (and damn but I can't wait to see what they come up with for the Stormraven). I came up with an experimental 1500 point list; I wrote it up quickly without really working on a strong plan for it, but still . . .

HQ: Captain Tycho (Death Company variant): 175
Troops: 15 Death Company with 2 power fists, 2 power weapons, 2 hand flamers, 1 infernus pistol: 405*
--Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Crusader: 250
Troops: Death Company Dreadnought with magna grapple: 140

Troops: Death Company Dreadnought with magna grapple: 140

Troops: 5 Tactical Marines with flamer and chainsword: 90
--Dedicated Transport: Razorback: 55

Troops: 5 Tactical Marines with flamer and chainsword: 90
--Dedicated Transport: Razorback: 55
Heavy Support: Whirlwind with hunter-killer missile: 100
Total: 1500 points
*No there was no rhyme or reason for those weapon selections, I did it to fill in the points

That list is liable to get modified in many strange ways before the Blood Angels actually get released (likely in the form of being shrunk down to 1000 points, as that is my "experimental-army-I'm-just-trying-out-for-now" size).
Changing tracks here, I've built up my Lord of the Rings army to be fully playable for War of the Ring. I don't have a rulebook, so someone might be able to point out something terribly wrong with it (I'm fairly sure the Epic Hero or Legendary Formation leading it can be an ally; at least that's what I'm banking on). I'm hoping more people jump on this system (kind of like I keep hoping to find more Fantasy games . . .), as it is abominably fun. Here's what I have:

Epic Hero: Gandalf the Grey: 200
Common Formation: 3 companies of Dwarf Warriors with a Captain and a Banner Bearer: 205
Common Formation: 2 companies of Dwarf Warriors with shields and a Captain: 130
Common Formation: 2 companies of Dwarf Archers: 70
Common Formation: 2 companies of Dwarf Rangers: 70
75 points of Fortune
Total: 750 points

It may be a bit odd to have Gandalf leading a dwarf army (I really need to get a Gimli model or something . . .), but that provides the army with some crazy magic that the dwarves don't otherwise have access to. All I need now is an opponent (which exemplifies my general status with Fantasy, now that I think about it . . .).
I never know how to gracefully end these posts . . . Old Booj, Out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

WIPs and Blood Angel thoughts

I have now empirically proven that a great way to get funny looks (which I would advise
against) is to interrupt the Commanding General in the middle of his address with a hearty "Oorrah!" Unless, of course, you want to irritate all of the colonels and sergeants major around you.
Reflex reactions may save your life one day, but they can also leave you feeling mighty uncomfortable on another.
Anyhow, Gamer's Lounge has put up their second podcast, go listen. Apparently Jay and Bill read this drivel because they mention my last post in it. Grand stuff, though I must point out that I'm not making a Traitor Guard list; that's Cathal at 4 Ones ( I hate pointing out errors in an otherwise delightful podcast, but I'd rather not be known as a Traitor player. The irony is that I have yet to play a game against either of those two. One of these days I'll have to take care of that; they'll probably wreck me, but that's immaterial to the notion of the amount of fun to be had.
As the post's title points out, I have some works-in-progress for you. The first is one of the new Space Marine Venerable Dreadnoughts. This kit is, without a doubt, one of the most awesome kits I have ever messed with (that may not be saying much, but whatever), and even if you don't play Space Marines or 40k, you may want to get one just because it is awesome. I have left the arms unglued so I can swap them out as necessary.

You ever see that great picture of a bomber (a B-52 if memory serves) with its payload laid out in front of it and a football-esque caption? That's what I think of. "The Xenos have won the toss, and have elected to receive."
Next up is my codex chapter's (the Keepers) Captain. He's not done, but should look all manner of awesome when he is. (He's also taken two days to get to this point, so it won't be anytime soon.)

His cloak is something of an exercise in blending, and his shoulder pad (and eventually the banner) is one in free-handing.

Finally, some finished works. The first are a bunch of Space Wolves; the fuzzy-ish one on the left is a Long Fang (and dear God what a pain his shoulder pad was), the ones other two are Grey Hunters. Difficult though they may be, I am rather pleased with how they turned out.

The fellow on the far right has proven himself in the Kill Teams scenario in the new Battle Missions book. Great book.
Finally, we have a Fantasy Imperial Marksman. Note the Outrider's cloak, I think it gives him a rather romantic (or, perhaps, elitist) look.

On a completely separate note, I stopped by GW Sugarland earlier today (to pick up their last Venerable Dreadnought), and found an absolutely delightful surprise: the black box containing the Blood Angels preview. Those sprues are amazing, and just based on those I feel compelled to make a Blood Angels (or, more likely a Blood Angels successor chapter) army. What cinches it, however, is what I found in the codex itself, specifically the Blood Angels army list: the Furioso Dreadnought, an Elites-choice psyker (yes, psyker); the regular Dreadnought playing Heavy Support; and, best of all, a Troops choice dreadnought whose name I can't remember at the moment. That means you can field up to twelve (!) dreadnoughts per army. Alas, there is no choice for an HQ dreadnought (like the Wolves have), but you can bet, without any shadow of doubt, I will be making a Blood Angels army consisting of a mass of dreadnoughts, properly upgraded, likely in Drop Pods (if I can convince myself to make and paint more of the blasted things), with the final points filled up with HQ choices. Will it be a successful list? Probably not, but let's face it, a mass of dreadnoughts would be ridiculously fun to play with and an awesome sight on the field.
That's all for now. Old Booj, Out.