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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second thoughts and a BA list

Sadness. After painting a Tactical Marine and a Terminator for the Keepers, I find that this new theme just doesn't speak to me in the same way as my original one did. Simply put, I don't like it.
So now I find myself torn on how to rectify the situation. I don't want to just keep trucking along on a theme I don't feel anything for, and I find it somewhat difficult to think of a another brand new one. Inevitably, I think I'm going to be returning to my original theme and design.
I'm undecided right now, but I'm thinking the Keepers are going right back to being the Risen Angels. I don't know if I'll use the old Risen Angels chapter symbol (single-winged sword) as it was far too often mistaken for Dark Angels (the color scheme didn't help, either). Maybe a one-winged angel? (I've watched Advent Children too many times it seems.)
Speaking of angels, Scribd has a copy of the Blood Angels codex on it now, which meant I was able to write up a theoretical list. For what I wanted to do I found that 1,000 points was too small, necessitating a jump to 1,500. Thus, I give you the first incarnation of a theoretical Blood Angels list that is becoming more and more likely to be made:

The Descent of Angels
HQ: The Sanguinor, Examplar of the Host: 275
Elites: Sanguinary Guard with Death Masks and the Chapter Banner: 255
Elites: Chaplain with jump pack: 125
Troops: Assault Squad (10) with power fist: 215
Troops: Assault Squad (10) with a flamer and power fist: 220
Troops: Death Company (10) with jump packs: 410

This list plays to a theme based on the Descent of Angels special rule. Everyone has jump packs and are made for getting in close combat. There is no long-range support in this list, so I had to make up for that with the power fists in the Assault Squads. It's also very small with all of 37 models, all jump infantry, so there's no time to dally; get close and get punching.
The Sanguinor can't join units if I'm not mistaken, so his job is to go find the enemy's HQ and tear them to pieces. The Sanguinary Guard would move with him and make sure he gets there, taking out any units around the enemy HQ and clearing a path. The Chaplain moves with the Death Company as the main effort, there to destroy as much as possible. The Assault Squads will support the Death Company and capture objectives as needed.
Hmm . . . so much to do, and so much more I want to do . . . no wonder nothing gets done.

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