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Erik Morkai's Great Company: 1373/2688 points (51%)
The Army of Brewheim: 1395/3924 (35%)
Side Armies
The Risen Angels Chapter: 55/1000 points (0.06%)
The Descent of Angels: 200/1316 (15%)
Pwent's Bloodsworn Kinband: ?/750 (?% I need a rulebook . . .)
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72nd Strathmoran Shock Brigade: 2384/3550 (67%)
The Undivided Host: 327/2425 (13%)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Wolves, Angels, and Marines

Hope everyone remembered yesterday, being the 16th of April. Especially my fellow Hokies.
Right, moving on to the stuff you came to see. I have a few random pictures for you, to show I have not been idle with the hobby and haven't just been sitting around making lists.
The first is a Grey Hunter armed with a plasma gun.

The effect on the coils is achieved by making the coils white, then washing it with severely watered down Ice Blue. Having successfully done it with just the coils, now I've got to figure out how to do some directional lighting (time to visit HuronBH's tutorials, mayhap). This brings the total number of Grey Hunters done to 6; another 14 to go, plus 9 Blood Claws, 5 Wolf Guard, Logan, and a Rhino. (Argh . . .)
Next up is a Risen Angels Assault Terminator.

This was mostly trial-and-error on the color scheme applied to a Terminator. You may notice the helmet, however, uses the technique I mentioned before: Mithril Silver with 3 Gryphone Sepia washes to get a fine highlighted gold effect. You can see a hint of the chapter emblem there (went back to the single-winged sword), that's free-handed rather than using the old method of cutting off a wing from a Dark Angels transfer. Best part is he didn't take too long, either.
Lastly, I admit to having caved: I started building up my Blood Angels' "Descent of Angels" list. I started with 5 of my 10 Death Company Marines.

Note the fellow in the middle, in the process of leaving the ground. So much for not doing Blood Angels . . . well, let's face it, they're awesome.

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